Traevon Anthony

Executive Producer



As a high school freshmen Traevon Anthony was introduced to video production by way of helping his school's drama teacher prepare a video presentation. She encouraged him to pursue video production after seeing the outcome of the presentation he helped her with.


Traevon started doing research and fell in love with the fact he could take music, art ,and video to entertain, impact, and make a difference. He immediately started indulging himself with the basics of film and his knowledge as well as his passion continued to grow as his time as a high school freshmen/sophomore went by. In that time frame, Traevon participated in video contests and took every video opportunity that was open to him.


In Traevon's junior year of high school Captivating Cinema begin to establish. This opened a door and provided Traevon the opportunity to work with Devante and his company, Captivating Cinema, on a PSA about drunk driving. As Traevon talked with Devante he grew a liking to him and the concept behind Captivating Cinema, "Making dreams a reality." From that day Traevon committed his life to the company as well as everything it stood for.

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