Thresia Elskamp


A desire that was imprinted in her as a child growing up, Thresia Elskamp fell in love with being behind a camera.  She recalls holding a video camera, which was almost as big as her, on her shoulder at a very early age.  Thresia would watch the videos she recorded several times to see what techniques she could utilize, in order to modify her approach and perfect the next one.  Thresia became aware of Captivating Cinema when she moved to Louisiana, from Wisconsin, in 2014.  After observing how passionate Devante and his crew were, it motivated her to do further research about camera angles, lenses, camera movement, lighting and ultimately pursuing her desire for film and photography. Thresia began shadowing Devante and learning from his expertise in 2015, which led to the opportunity to be employed by Captivating Cinema in 2016.


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